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Young Eli lives in the Indian War times of 1881 Colorado, the unsettled years between Battle of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee.  His father scorns him because he cannot carry his weight in labor on their meager cattle ranch.  He is also the sport of vicious neighborhood boys who relentlessly target him.  After a stretch of humiliating incidents of bullying, he contemplates suicide, but decides to wait just one more day to see if his luck changes.

When a hunt for a legendary grizzly fails and a neighbor is mauled, Eli meets an old trapper in a Platteville mercantile store where the neighbor is being sewn up.  He tells Eli that he is spiritually "chosen" and soon to meet his destiny:  hunting down a living Sioux spirit which dwells on a dangerous peak in a hidden valley which may not even exist.

Try or die, Eli steals his father's prized racehorse to embark on this most perilous odyssey, even though he knows next to nothing of tracking, hunting, riding or surviving in the untamed Rocky Mountains and must learn all these skills "on the run."

On his impossible journey, Eli encounters more adventures than he'd ever dreamed of and learns that independence from his doubting family and useless life comes with a high price.

Come and ride along on young Eli Rawlins' quest for self-acceptance and value as a productive human being. Suitable for all ages.

Sharon Salony, the author of the successful book How To Climb Mount Whitney In One Day, has crafted an original and action-filled story to lift your spirits, make you cry, make you cheer as crippled and bullied 13 year old Eli Rawlins sets out across the treacherous Rocky Mountains in his pursuit of an Indian legend.
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In the classic Western tradition of Dances With Wolves, Little Big Man and The Searchers comes the inspiring story of a disabled boy's relentless quest for purpose, worth, and redemption in the eyes of his family, his peers ... but mostly himself.​

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